Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why I Love Oakland

Oakland gets a tremendously bad rap with all its crime, murders, and drug dealing. But its a city, and cities have all that unfortunate stuff (yes, even sf). I grew up in Pleasanton, east of Oakland in the burbs. Back then we all shuddered at the thought of visiting Oakland-- thinking it was "like so ghetto." Trish and I went to a wrestling tournament in high school, got lost on our way, and had to get off the freeway and turn around in Oakland. I remember being overcome with fear. Now that I know Oakland I think we were very very silly! (btw: we got off at Park Blvd, a very nice neighborhood bordering Piedmont.)

So many Oakland families choose to have their babies at Kaiser Walnut Creek instead if Kaiser Oakland-- Kaiser Oakland is a teaching hospital and WC has midwives. We had to make the choice too. Silly as it is, I wanted Sadie's birth certificate to read that she was born in Oakland. I have some tremendous Oakland pride, and here are some reasons why:

1. Diversity- in ideas, people, neighborhoods, etc...
2. The down-to-earth people
3. Lots of parks and hiking/walking opportunities! Joaquin Miller, Sausel Creek, Lake Merritt, Lake Temescal, Dimond Park, Tilden, Roberts Park, etc...
4. The Neighborhoods: Dimond (my hood), East Oakland, Lake Merritt area, Glenview, Temescal, Lakeshore, Montclair, Fruitvale...these are some of my hangouts
5. The food: Bakesale Betties, Peet's, Full House, Pizzaiolo, Fentons, Taco Trucks on International, Barney's, Cafe 504, so much more....
6. Shopping: Urban Indigo, Farmer Joe's, Son Hop Fat, A Great Good Place for Books, Someone's in the Kitchen, The Tulip Grove. We have very few big box stores.
7. The Flats and The Hills
8. People I love-- family and friends.
9. Perfect weather! The suburbs get too hot, and sf is way too cold year-round. Oakland is just right!
10. And let's be honest, it's just bad a** to say you live in Oakland!

The list can go on and on...

If you're native here- why do you like The Town?
*thx for the fun shirt seth and joelle!

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  1. Oh, hi...I've been lurking here for a while... Even though I don't live in Oakland anymore, I just had to give an "amen" to everything you mentioned ;-) I grew up in San Jose where we thought you'd be gunned down in five minutes in Oakland, but I ended up loving it, and I really miss it now. I spread the word whenever I can that Oakland rocks.

    Love seeing your updates on Sadie--she's such a cutie!