Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chatty Lady

Here are several recent videos of our chatty baby. She's 11 months-- 1 year on November 12th. She saying a lot of words now, including pa/ba for grandpa, bye-bye, ma ma, da da, up ("p"), dog, and a few more.

Friday, October 8, 2010

oaktoberfest for sure

So, we've been off this week. And it's flown by so fast. We stayed around Oakland- did some fun things with friends and family: Grandpa Vince visited from Chicago (so fun!) last weekend, we went to SF Zoo on Wednesday, and out to Underdog Wine Bar in Livermore today  to visit my brother. Other than that we really chilled a lot with Sadie, went on walks to Peet's (of course!), and yes, worked. Tomorrow we have a packed day- helping out at Harbor House, my old 9 to 5, and going to the most awesome (for reals) Oaktoberfest in our hood.

The biggest turning point this week is that we came to terms with the fact that we probably won't sell our house this fall. We'll keep it on the market until the staging contract expires...but the market is looking pretty bleak. On the downside, we did a lot of packing and cleaning to get the house ready. On the bright side, we don't HAVE to sell, and we really like where we live (besides it being a little smallish). So I'm trying to emphasize the positives so I don't get too bitter about the wasted $ and effort.

So here's my list, 10 things I love about where we live:
1) Great Walkability: Library, Dimond Park, Farmer Joes, Safeway, Peet's, CVS, Chase, Glenview, etc..
2) We have great new oak floors in the kitchen...they are wonderfully beautiful
3) We really like our neighbors!
4) My driveway garden rocks
5) PEET'S (this deserves to be on the list 2x)
6) Jean Quan Councilwoman - and hopefully soon-to-be mayor!
7) Sausal Creek trails a couple minutes away
8) Our bedroom paint color is perfect
9) Close to friends- nyquists, rorks, ogdens, family... and we always run into people we know
10) Oaktoberfest (but why can't they just call it Oktoberfest?)

So, i love the Dimond. And if we don't sell now, maybe we were meant to be here a little longer. And that's okay.

p.s If you're in Oakland, make sure to check out Oaktoberfest...year #3, and a guaranteed good time for all!
p.p.s. Last year they ran out of beer at 4pm.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Laughing and Talking and Walking

This video starts about two minutes into a Sadie laugh attack. But don't worry, she still had some giggles left for the camera. She then proceeds to walk all around her room, giving a lecture in her Sadie language.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Queen of Crawl

Sadie has had several developmental breakthroughs. In the past week, she's learned to crawl, stand up, and get from lying to sitting on her own! Also, she's started consistently saying bu-bu for bye-bye whenever we leave the house, and she's fascinated with dog and says d- d- every time she sees a dog. One smart baby. The only issue is...she's been interested in practicing these skills, and not napping. Grandpa Vince got to see her in action this weekend...she slept very little, but sure learned to get around her crib. I know this fascination with her new skills will frustrating and silly all rolled into one!

Yesterday, Sadie shows how she can get up to standing in her crib.

This video is from last week. Sadie's first attempts at crawling. She's gotten a lot faster in the last week. This is a long one, but if you make it to the end-- Sadie says bye bye.