Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Goodbye Week One

As teachers, we have five weeks off during the summer. I know I can't complain. It's absolutely wonderful to have so much time to spend with my little family. BUT it goes by so fast. And of course, summer never seems quite long enough. So today, on Tuesday of week two, it's time to say farewell to week one. It was a pleasant week.
We've been doing a lot of hanging around our casita. We are caring for baby K. K's dad watched Sadie for several weeks this spring, so now we're watching K. Mark and I love to bring baby K in to surprise Sadie after her nap. Sadie always gets a kick out of it and starts laughing. I know she's thinking, "Hey, there's another baby here- how silly!" Baby K would rather not be tormented by grabby Sadie, but it's too cute a picture op to pass up! 
Baby K is really good at taking the bottle. She doesn't spill and gulps it down quickly. Sadie never got super proficient at the bottle. She takes forever to drink it, and spills everywhere. Last week we tried giving Sadie milk in a sippy cup. She drinks wonderfully from it! Goodbye bottle, hello sippy cup.
We gave Sadie some strips of peaches to gnaw on this last week. And no surprise, she loves them! It great to watch her hand-eye coordination develop. She's adept at picking up whatever she wants, and she usually wants things far out of her reach. Again, surprise, surprise! I have a daughter who definitely knows what she wants. I wonder who she takes after...
We had a busy weekend with several social outings. Mark and I went up past Sacramento to Auburn for a wedding of Mark's colleague. Gma Ruff watched Sadie for the night (thanks mom!). We had great fun at the wedding. It was our first overnight trip away from Sadie. On Saturday night Mark watched cousin roro with Sadie, while the rest of the fam went to see the Adrianne and Travis recommit themselves. It was a great time! (BTW Adrianne is a rock star!!) Here's a photo of sooz and me from the night--- 
Sadie has become the little poser! Every time I take out the camera she gets her goony smile. Again, I wonder whose daughter she is?! Also my childhood doll (Strawberry Shortcake) has become one of Sadie's favorite toys. She loves to grab Strawberry's hair!
Hooray for upgraded Internet speed. We cancelled our land line, got a new modem, and a new monthly Internet package. WOW! It takes a 1/4 of the time to upload pictures to my blog. I couldn't be happier!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jean Quan for Mayor!

We have a mayoral election coming to Oakland this fall, and I plan to vote for Jean Quan. She's a serious grass roots organizer. I have probably seen her around Oakland/my hood than any other local politician. Here are some videos from her website. And is you want to get a lawn sign click here. I plan to get mine today!

Father's Day Edition

With the free time afforded by summer vacation (which started this past weekend) and the occasion of my first Father's Day, I'm spending a little time in the blogosphere. Father's Day was preceded by a great visit from my own father, and mother. He and Sadie love to spend time together, and it was neat to think about how I had a great father as a role model as I figure out how to be one myself.

On Sunday I was greeted by two cards, one from my wife, and one from my daughter. Sadie dictated her sentiments to Rebecca, who apparently is better at deciphering what our daughter means when she says "da-da-da-goo. Ahhhhh!" Much of the day was spent relaxing and reading. Sadie kept trying to grab my book, "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," but I didn't think the material was very appropriate. I also received a couple presents--one of which was a basketball and a hoop. She already has enthusiastically embraced the key fundamentals of the sport, diving for the ball, dribbling, showing correct form for her jump shot, and of course dunking. I can see that we will spend many future Father's Days together hoopin' it up.

Friday, June 18, 2010


...can this baby of mine be any more hilarious? I just got this walker for her today....and she is a riot in it! She's also been talking up a storm in the last few days. Funny little lady.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

School's Out for Summer!

This is my first official day of summer. I look forward to many lazy days lounging with my baby Sadie. She's the best snuggler!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Really Sweden? That's all you got?

I've been devouring the 2nd book of the Millennium Series by Stieg Larsson, "The Girl Who Played with Fire"(see NY Times review here). I have about 30 pages left to go, and I decided to make dinner and put the conclusion on hold until bed time. There has to be something to look forward to when I hop into my big empty bed tonight (Mark's gone on a over night school field trip).

But it has to be said-- What is with Sweden and Pippi Longstocking? I feel sad that this children's book series is really their only national claim to fame. And let me tell you, Larsson milks the popularity of the Pippi books for all it's worth. The main character in The Millennium Series is nicknamed Kalle Blomkist, a prominent character/boy detective in Pippi books. And the other main character Lisbeth (such a great kick butt character!!! Love her!), names her expansive apartment V. Vulla, after Pippi's home. Lisbeth has some Pippi-esque qualities, now that I think about it. But it just cracks me up how these Pippi books keep being referenced in Larsson's Millennium books; they couldn't be more different.

Well, I look forward to end book 2 tonight. Book three can wait until my summer vacation officially starts on Thursday, on the other hand, maybe it can't!

But I do have to admit, Pippi rocks.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sweet Baby Sadie

Sadie seemed to be ready for bed at 6:30 tonight, her usual time. I changed her, nursed her, and plopped her in bed before 6:45pm. She usually falls asleep right after we put her down, so I expected the same tonight, especially because she seemed exhausted. But about 20 minutes later I still hear her making noises. Hmmm, not good. I look in, and she's wide awake staring at her butterfly mobile dancing under the influence of the fan (It's been really hot here all weekend, and Oaklanders tend not to have air conditioning bc it's usually so cool). So, I promptly took the mobile down. A couple minutes later, I still hear her...and it's probably the fan keeping her up now. I turn the fan off. Now, for the past 15 minutes I have heard her via monitor sucking away on her little frog toy and scratching the sheets with her nails, drifting off to sleep. My silly girl. All those distractions was making it hard for her to sleep. I love my sweet baby! It is great being a mom. There are so many small moments that makes our relationship so special.

Yesterday it was June 12th, which means Sadie turned 7 months. Wow! I can't believe it! Time flies. This week Mark and I end school, so we'll get 5 weeks to hang with our little one. And Sadie's grandparents visit this week from Chicago, we can't wait! Here are some random photos from the last month.

Mother's Day snuggles

Mothers and daughters...we took about 5 of these, and they all turned out pretty random...it's the sentiment that counts, right?
Gma with Sadie
Sadie loves belly kisses
Grandma Ruff's girls

What silliness do my parents subject me to?
Doing laundry with Gma
In her big girl overalls
Already learning the alphabet

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Exciting 6th Month!!!

Being 6 months old has been fabulous! I'm able to play a lot more, and get things when I reach. Here are some videos showing off my ever expanding skill set--

Here I am playing the piano. My daddy gives me lessons. I think I am very talented, for my age.

I'm also really good at playing with my cups. I can grab things when I want them, can you?

I really like to scoot on my back too. I can get around pretty well with this method. I still fuss when mommy and daddy make me hang out on my stomach. They're annoyingly persistent.

I'm also really good at grabbing my dad's hair. He keeps it long so I can be entertained. Thanks Dad!

Finally-- I really like to go wild in my exersaucer. I love practicing to stand and rocking back and forth like a crazy girl.

Hugs and Kisses--- SADIE