Saturday, April 30, 2011

Philly Water Ice in My Hood?!?!

It being a beautiful sunny day today, we went to Flavor Brigade for some ice cream this afternoon. Has anyone been to this place? It's close to our house on Fruitvale at MacArthur (across the street from the library and the creepy vet). Um, it's amazing!!!  Our family is a bit phantic (yes, ph) for all things philly. And Flavor Brigade hit it OUT of the park. Let me count the reasons why this place it wonderful!!--
  • They have custards (you may have to be from Philly to get this)- you can have it on top or mixed into your water ice
  • it's organic!
  • they use Strauss milk base for their ice creams
  • they make it in house (ps. using recipes from RITA'S!, yes, RITA'S!!!)
  • they use real fruit
  • their water ice is legit- so good, and tastes like Rita's.
  • they have soft pretzels
  • they have Tastykakes
I got a small (but it was pretty big) cherry water ice with custard (they put it on top and at the bottom, mmm) for $2.99. Yum. It may be dangerous that it's only a few blocks away. But this place is so good- you have to go try it! Especially if you hail from Philly.

I'm in love. And so is my daughter.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pacifica in March

I know you're jealous. I would be too. Us Californians have it all.

Beautiful sunny day in March? Check.

Cute baby? Check.

Killer waves? Check. 
 Plastic sand rake? Check.

Taco Bell beachside? Check (that's it on the left). 

What a joyous day! Thank you sping break! We couldn't have asked for more! Gotta say- we love where we live...but I guess you picked up on that.
xoxo, rebecca

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Go Dadda Go!

Mark ran in Oakland's 1/2 marathon in March. We were so excited to cheer him on! His friend ran with him, while I hung out with his friend's wife (also my friend) and their son (sadie's buddy). A good day was had by all!!

At the starting line! The energy was high...

Rolling into mile 12! Is that a bird, is that a plane?? Oh my it's dadda! He's going so fast I almost missed him!
All smiles:

Sadie is really obsessed with with GIANT inflatable Geico lizard behind mom (the photographer).

Dad enjoys his post run beer (his running bib included tear-off bear tickets, is that normal?). Sadie is still obsessed with the giant Geico lizard (there was a costumed dancing lizard in addition to the inflatable one).
 I think Sadie will be ready for the Kids' fun run soon!
 We were so proud of dad! What a dedicated runner he is!!

XOXO, Rebecca

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Workin' It

Over our spring break we moved back into our Casita. We put a TON of stuff in storage, and we're gradually moving things back (We're still going to keep the extra storage space- to keep our sanity!). We decided to make some purchases, so that our stuff will fit into our place better. I think we went to IKEA at least 5 times! I'll post some pics of how of space is coming together- as soon as I get all the boxes cleaned up and tidy.

We spent hours getting some of these IKEA pieces together...and little miss was a big help. This video cracks me up. She was very serious about helping mom and dad.

And now that we'll be rocking the Dimond neighborhood, I think our house needs an official name, any ideas?

Friday, April 15, 2011

I Better Watch What I Say

It's dinnertime and Sadie just walked into the kitchen saying Rice, Rice Rice...she wanted a rice cake. I love my little linguistic queen. It feels like she's learning a word or two a day.

Here are some of her recently learned, and oft-repeated, words:
frog (fro)
bike (bi)
uh oh
outside (side)
light (dight)
please (pease)
thank you (da do)
gracias (I didn't hear this- her daycare people told me she started saying this week)
book (boo)
milk (mil)
animal (she spat this out at the zoo! crazy!)
bye bye (fill in the blank)

It's fun to watch her language go and grow!! And it's exciting to hear her create phrases with the words she knows. It's also interesting to hear the sounds she leaves out- it's usually the ending sounds/tricky sounds/the sounds that aren't stressed.

I'm so proud of my little baby!! She's such a little learner!

The sad thing is that she's starting to feel less and less like my little baby, and more and more like a big girl. Time does fly!

XOXO, Rebecca

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Here's Sadie is full affect. She was 17 months old yesterday and she's been a blast lately- my little buddy. In this video, she's freaking out because I was washing one of her 2 frog blankies. She didn't even see me toss it in, so she must have seen it tumbling around. Fwa Fwa Fwa is the her way of saying, "Mama! Get froggy out of there! I don't like baths and neither does he!"  (And yeah, apparently now she loathes bathtime. She screamed bloddy murder through her whole bath last night. I think the cold pacific ocean may have traumatized her.)

XOXO, Rebecca

Friday, April 8, 2011

Cousin Love Fest

These were too cute! Had to steal them off my sister's blog !
Happy Friday!

XOXO, Rebecca

Baby Beer Cozy

Sadiekins sure seems to fancy the beer cozy that Aunt Lida and Uncle Scott gave out on their wedding day. It's one of her new obsessions-

I love my silly little muchkin!

XOXO, Rebecca

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Here are some recent videos taken over the past couple of weeks- of Sadie just being Sadie. These are especially for those friends and family far away. I love how content of a baby Sadie is. She seems to really enjoy life.

Chatting away at bath time-

Her she is loving on a dog we dog sat. She loved walking into his tail and patting her.

Sadie has become quite the sous chef these days-