Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sleep Sitting

Yesterday was the first day that I saw Sadie sitting up in her crib (after I had put her down). I was very excited that she  finally got into a sitting position on her own. She just learned how to crawl, so I guess this comes with territory.Then, this afternoon I was having a hard time getting Sadie to go down to sleep. Every time I went into her room she was sitting up, crying. I thought she just wasn't tired. Then tonight about an hour after she went to bed she started crying. I went to check on her and she was sitting up crying and in a sleepy daze. Oh my! What a silly bean! I think she's just practicing her new trick, or sitting up unconsciously, and then getting stuck. I wonder how long this will last. It's quite a funny sight to see!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Boy, I've been a lame blogger this month. My world is super busy. Our house goes on the market tomorrow (hence the Phew!). We're hoping for the best. In a perfect world we'd love get an offer and  find a new house simultaneously,  but in reality, we'll probably have to shack up with my gracious mom for a bit. We love our current house, but we're just outgoing it (and i know what you're, I'm not pregnant).

Most importantly (and wonderfully!)-- My brother, Aaron, got married. We are all so excited about his fabulous new wife, Sarah!! Their wedding was a blast. So those of you who haven't seen the gazillion pictures on facebook- here's some to give you a little taste of a lovely day. A day all planned in less than 6 weeks- uhhmaazing!
The sweetest couple ever--really--

Baby Polly (Sarah's niece) with Sadie...there were 4 flower girls in matching tutus...ridiculously cute
The babies rode down the aisle in style--
Some of the Baird clan--It's always nice to celebrate life's joys with good friends
Family and good friends-
Yumminess- Lunch was falafel or taco truck food fare
Shell Bell- Mama #2
Cousin dance fest
The Ruffs made it all the way out from Philly!!
It was a perfect day. I'm so excited for their marriage! It's also really fun that we have more extended California family (her family lives in Chico and is great). And, Sadie has a new baby BFF.

As far as Sadie stats- she's as cute as ever, and hanging in as we scurry her around place to place throughout this moving process.  She's not crawling yet...but loves cruising on furniture. She can get pretty far real fast.

Happy Wednesday!!

Time for bed. I'm pooped.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sadie Lady

I know I have been a blog slacker lately. Our life has been a little crazy. We are aiming to put our house on the market in a couple weeks, and there is a lot to do to get ready. So for those of you (especially family) that have been waiting for some Sadie updates, here is some video highlights over the past few weeks.

We took her to her 9-10 month appointment last week. She clocks in at 20.5 lbs and 29 inches. One long baby! She's not crawling yet, but cruising around on furniture and moving around wonderfully!

My musical little lady--

Bath time fun!---

Getting ready for Aaron and Sarah's wedding THIS weekend!!!--