Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sweet Baby Sadie

Sadie seemed to be ready for bed at 6:30 tonight, her usual time. I changed her, nursed her, and plopped her in bed before 6:45pm. She usually falls asleep right after we put her down, so I expected the same tonight, especially because she seemed exhausted. But about 20 minutes later I still hear her making noises. Hmmm, not good. I look in, and she's wide awake staring at her butterfly mobile dancing under the influence of the fan (It's been really hot here all weekend, and Oaklanders tend not to have air conditioning bc it's usually so cool). So, I promptly took the mobile down. A couple minutes later, I still hear her...and it's probably the fan keeping her up now. I turn the fan off. Now, for the past 15 minutes I have heard her via monitor sucking away on her little frog toy and scratching the sheets with her nails, drifting off to sleep. My silly girl. All those distractions was making it hard for her to sleep. I love my sweet baby! It is great being a mom. There are so many small moments that makes our relationship so special.

Yesterday it was June 12th, which means Sadie turned 7 months. Wow! I can't believe it! Time flies. This week Mark and I end school, so we'll get 5 weeks to hang with our little one. And Sadie's grandparents visit this week from Chicago, we can't wait! Here are some random photos from the last month.

Mother's Day snuggles

Mothers and daughters...we took about 5 of these, and they all turned out pretty's the sentiment that counts, right?
Gma with Sadie
Sadie loves belly kisses
Grandma Ruff's girls

What silliness do my parents subject me to?
Doing laundry with Gma
In her big girl overalls
Already learning the alphabet

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