Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ticket to Ride

Aaron and my mom came over tonight---we had a fun night playing Ticket to Ride, Aaron's new game. Meanwhile, Sadie slept. To make things even better, we ate Chinese take-out and had No Bakes (Yumminess). We played 3x because we were all obsessed with winning at least once (except my mom, of course). I guess I'm a little nerd- I like games so much! Are there any other good games out there that you suggest we play? We're big Catan fans, and always enjoy a good game of Scrabble too!


  1. I was trying to figure out when you took that picture of our game, oh wait, there weren't five people playing. . .

  2. yeah...i ganked it from the internet :)

  3. Matt and I have that game too!! We should all play it when we get together! I loved catching up on your blog and I'm so glad that you linked to ours! Can't wait to read more about you guys!