Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pocket Diapers and Such

It's past 10:30pm already, and I really should high-tail it to bed (Where did high-tail it originate from anyway?). Sadie has been asleep since 8:15pm...I need to sleep when she sleeps to ensure that I'm sleeping. But...we have some exciting news to share! Little miss has graduated from disposables (don't fear--they were earth-friendly) to pocket diapers!

Pocket diapers? you may wonder...

Pocket diapers are the clever marriage of disposables and cloth. You buy a set of 20-30 diapers and you can use them again and again, child after child (washing them after each soil of course!). They are cloth diapers with an absorbent fleece lining, and have an exterior cover that stops seepage. They also have either nifty snaps or Velcro closures for convenience (no bothersome pins!). We bought a little less than 30 diapers in all--half Fuzzibunz and half BumGenius. I'll keep you up-to-date on how life with the pocket diapers go. So far, we've had some leaking issues, but (I think) that was solved with slight adjustments. The best thing about these pocket diapers is that they give your baby the biggest, softest tush!

Okay, now I must be off to bed!

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  1. we love our pocket diapers! bum genius all the way. we found they lasted longer than the happy heineys we also bought. you'll have to tell me about the fuzzy bunz. we love saving the world and money at the same time. yay for cloth diapers. call me when she's onto solids. i'll give you all my poop tips. for now you can toss it all in the wash.