Friday, December 4, 2009

Uncontrollable muscle spasms

I woke up last night around 4pm to an unusual sound, but it wasn't little Sadie. Meister, our inherited golden retriever, tends to makes sounds during the night from time to time- licking, pacing, whacking his tail loudly against the wall- but this was different. After a minute I realized the sound was indeed coming from Meister on the floor; it was him convulsing. Meister was having a seizure and was shaking in the floor for about 10 minutes. It was a little scary. Mark and I got on the floor wrapped Meister in towels and hugged and petted him through the seizure. He's been very subdued today.

It's pretty common that retrievers have epileptic seizures. I was at my mom and dad's house a while back when he had a similar seizure, and it really worried me. At least I knew he was prone to seizures so I was able to better deal with it last night.

I felt a little guilty after this incident. I had been super annoyed with him all day yesterday because he was being needy and jealous of the time I was spending with Sadie. Poor Meister. I think about all the change I've gone through in the past year, and he's gone through just as much. New owners. New household. New habits. New baby. That's a lot for a 10-year-old dog to handle.

Well, I hope he stays healthy a while longer, and I also hope he learns how to cope with our new little sweetness without being too jealous!

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