Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bradley Method Reunion

Mark and I took Bradley Method birthing classes before our little one was born. Bradley Method emphasizes natural births--discouraging epidurals or unneccessary interventions and encouraging healthy eating, exercises, along with teaching various positions and calming methods to cope with labor pains. We pretty much threw the Bradley Method out the window during labor. We tried the positions and relaxation (which made me tense!). After 26 hours of irregular (and painful) contractions--I was glad to be put on pitocin. And then, at the 40th hour labor--I was begging for the epidural. And finally, after little miss was stuck on my pelvic bone after 3 hours of pushing---I was resigned to a c-section.
In the end it seems like the Bradley Method is certainly idealistic, and maybe slightly delusional.
I was dreading the reunion (where we meet all the babies) because we had to get so much intervention. I didn't feel like a failure, but I was bitter at the Bradley Method. The reunion was great! So many of us moms got intervention. 3/4 had c-secs. 3/4 had epidirals. None of the births was intervention-free. And, after telling our birth stories I realized that I didn't have it so bad. It was tiring, painful, and very very long--but we had great support from the nurses, doctors, and family. It was nice to debrief with new parents, and encouraging to talk about our experiences. It was also wonderful to see our babies together- all happy and healthy!

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