Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Points of Joy

We celebrate points of joy in my family. So here are so points of joy for the past few days:
  • Roro's laughter when playing with Uncle Mark yesterday.
  • Getting a Mani Pedi with my mom.
  • My daughter's smile.
  • Sadie sleeping from 10pm-5am last night without a peep! Count 'em-- 7 hours! Truly amazing for an almost 6-week old. She also took at 5 hour afternoon nap yesterday. Little miss may be in a growth spurt.
  • Sadie rolled over from back to face down on Sunday at 5 1/2 weeks! However, she didn't like being face-down so much. We are proud of our little one! Gma Ruff thinks she's going to be Anderson Athletic.
  • Having an abundant supply of milk for Sadie.
  • Taking my first bath last night since labor.
  • Frosting Christmas cookies with my husband, and laughing together at his questionable frosting jobs.
  • Delivering cookies to neighbors.
  • Wrapping presents.
  • Strolling the aisles of Target sans baby.
  • Baby hiccups.
  • Roro reading her books on her potty training toilet.
  • Running into friends while out and about.
Happy Tuesday! Be joyous!

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