Wednesday, December 2, 2009


As I was struggling to go to sleep last night to the sounds of a baby, I was struck with joy. I could finally sleep however I wanted! Bliss! Being pregnant, they tell you not to lie on your back and that ideally you need to sleep on your left side (for some reason it's better than the right- I never had clarification on why). My left hip became bruised and sore after all that left-side action (the joys of pregnancy). Then after having Sadie by c-section, it was uncomfortable to sleep on my stomach for a while. Then last night I did it-- I made it back to my ideal sleep position, on my belly. It was a point of joy in my sleepless night.

Here's Sadie being super cute:


  1. i love it! not only do you get to re-enjoy sleep, but you get coffee back! and the benefits keep coming! eat whatever you want cause you'll keep losing weight by breastfeeding!!

  2. lying on your left side has something to do with increasing blood circulation- for you and the baby. i am NOT looking forward to no belly sleep- i can still do it now, but soon no more. boo. so enjoy tummy time! (and soon sadie will be enjoying tummy time too)

  3. actually, i was wondering- when does tummy time start?