Saturday, May 7, 2011


I love being a mom. But I also have a mom that loves being a mom (and a grandmom). I remember my mom always saying when I was young (and quite recently): I was made to be a mom, being a mom is my finest joy in life, my children bring me the most joy of all. Wow! After hearing that for the past 32 years, who wouldn't have a positive view of being a mom?

Being a mom feel much like being a teacher to me- it just fits. It makes me feel like I am doing what I should be doing- what I was born to do.

 I want to thank my mom- for giving me such a glowing review of motherhood, day in and day out. It makes a HUGE difference.

I love being a mom to this little one. She gives me so much: snuggles, laughter, perseverance, etc... I love to watch her curiosity about life and the world.

I love the way my mom loves Sadie (and her other grandbaby girls) too: 

I love sitting at the piano singing hymns with my mom. It's been a Sunday ritual forever.
I love laughing with my mom:

I love snuggling with my baby:
I love exposing my baby to interesting things, and watching her excitement blossom!

I love bonding with Sadie. She liked my toenail polish, or at least was fascinated by it- so I painted one of her feet. She loved it. And again, I just loved to watch he excitement about little things.

I also love my daughter's bold will. Her she is standing on the bed after being told repeatedly to sit. She understands. She knows. But she love pushing the boundaries. But despite that, I love her so. I love that she has a strong spirit.

Happy Mother's Day to all you amazing moms out there--I bet most great moms out there had/have a pretty special mom that showed them how to love and care for a child completely


  1. The other day I was playing the piano with my "baby" girl and I thought of you and your mama doing that very thing for all these years. =) Happy mother's day!!

  2. Your mom holds a special place in my heart. I miss my walks with her at Lake Chabot. Please tell her I said a big "hello"