Monday, May 30, 2011

May Daze

Here are some quick shots of the last month. Sadie is getting to be a big girl (officially 18 months!)- talking a lot and loving life!
Sadie always loves to cuddle with her friends- frog, dog, and owl (these are 3 of her favorite words too)

Owl makes an appearance again

Learning bike safety

Loves her new chair and table set. and it's better shared with a friend :)

Daddy is off to the prom

my little reader

papa time

Happy beginning to Summer!!!

XOXO, Rebecca

PS- Sorry I've been neglecting this blog. I've been pouting a lot of my time into my other blog. :)


  1. She's so grown up, Rebecca! She's not a baby anymore, How quickly it goes...

  2. You didn't get to go to prom with Mark?! That would've been fun. Though not the same without the rest of the Zoo Crew, I know. =)

    Wow, Sadie gets cuter and cuter! I must say that she looks like a future roller-derby girl in that 3rd pic!

  3. i love the papa pics! (where's mama?) i love the bike helmet ones too :)

    BIG girl

  4. I'm thinking that Daddy/daughter picture would be a cool father's day treat for Mark. What a sweet moment to savour. And the prom picture - that's one to pull out about 16 years from now! Love that little "chip off the old blocks"!

  5. Love the pictures. My granddaughter has the same dress as the one in the banner.