Thursday, May 5, 2011

If I didn't have to work tomorrow...

  • I would take Sadie to the local pool
  • I would go on a hike in the redwoods- maybe Muir Woods, it would be nice and cool
  • I'd eat ice cream for lunch dessert
  • Sadie and I would retreat to the beach and get sand in our hair and our toes
  • Sadie would sleep in until 10am- so I could indulge in a book
  • I'd go to the Ferry Building and get Blue Bottle Coffee 
  • I'd get a pedicure
  • I would go visit friends and have a long lunch and a good talk
  • I'd go to the park
  • I'd meander in a book store
  • I'd go to the Farmer's Market in Old Oakland
  • I'd learn to sew
  • I'd plant my summer veggies
  • I'd go catch an afternoon movie- all by myself (something I've never done!)
But, in reality, I do have work. I have to teach test prep to reading intervention students in a very hot concrete tomb. I know I'll enjoy being at work (despite my morose description), but I'd much rather be playing the day away.

I hope you get some good play time this weekend!

XOXO, Rebecca

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