Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sweet Sadie

At the hospital, noting Sadie's name, a nurse of ours mentioned one of her favorite songs- Sweet Sadie by The Spinners. When we got home from the hospital I downloaded the song, and it's become one of my favorites too. When Sadie is snuggled up against me, I like to sing the chorus to her. Here are some select lyrics from the song:

Sadie, Don't you know we love you
Sweet Sadie
Place no one above you
Sweet Sadie
Sweeter than cotton candy
Stronger than papas old brandy
Once in awhile she would break down and cry
Sadie (Oh, Sadie, baby)
Don't you know we love you
Sweet Sadie
If there's a heaven up above
I know she's teaching angels how to love
Its a mean world without you
Here are some recent pictures of Miss Sadie being sweetness incarnate. (And, we're hoping she doesn't discover the Sexy Sadie song by the Beatles for a long long while!)

Sadie love to nap with her hands up by her face. Which means she definitely abhors the swaddle. She took some long naps yesterday.

Daddy sleeps, while his little sweetness snuggles in the crook of his arm.

Okay, this one is more saucy than sweet, especially the inappropriate hand gesture. Where did she learn that naughtiness from? She's so rock star.

I guess she's trying to emulate Cash already, oh my...


  1. That's pretty awesome that she's wearing a Johnny Cash onesie though. Very fitting

  2. How about that Hurricane T-shirt on Mark!!?!? Awesome. She fights again on Friday night, ya know?