Saturday, November 28, 2009

Now I know my ABC's...

I resisted creating a blog over the last few years. Now, with baby Sadie in the picture, I see the practicality and lure of having a blog (not to mention, having a lot more free time).

This blog won't be limited to Miss Sadie Fern, but will definitely be a place for friends and family near and far to dote on her as she grows. I don't have many plans for what I'll write about- but in addition to updates on little Sadie, I suppose I'll write about things that impassion me- education, Oakland, cooking, reading, politics, my sweetness-Mark, and family.

The blog's title, Armchair Abecedarian, stems from my love of literacy, teaching, and learning. An abecedarian is one who teaches or studies the alphabet or one who is just learning; a beginner.


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