Friday, July 16, 2010

Photo Bomb

I've been a neglectful blogger over the summer. These past couple weeks we've packed a lot in--book club, visiting with old friends, cousins and aunts, chilling with baby friends, and hanging at home. This morning the Anderson clan went to the Ferry Building with Sooz, Matt, RoRo, Ruby, Mom, and my awesome Aunt Ruthanne and cousin Laura. We had a great time drinking Blue Bottle---mmmm my favorite coffee--- and walking around with the napping kiddos. So here's a photo montage....
We hosted book club at our place and made some corn cakes with shredded pork, and a kicking side of beans. This pic is of the day-after leftovers...MMM, yumminess. The food and the conversation with friends definitely overshadowed the book.
Whatever-is-in-the-fridge pizza: Pancetta, cherry tomatoes, marjoram, brushed with garlic olive oil---
MMM, again.
With Polly! Sarah's (Aaron's gal!) sister's baby. We couldn't wait for these girls to meet--they are only a week or so apart. We had a great brunch at my mom's place with the ladies of Sarah's family-- they are so sweet!
I harvested 18 ripe tomatoes from my driveway garden this week. Bliss!
Yeah!!! My BBF Trish came to visit with her baby! We went on a lovely walk. She lives all the way in North Carolina, so I savor her visits out west! She came with some awesome homemade gifts, hair clips and a pillowcase dress with bloomers for Sadie...check out Trish's new Etsy shop here where you can buy super cute girly hair clips for your wee one. Trish's little girl taught Sadie to wave...she's been doing it all day today. She also said "bye-bye" at least 5x!
baby bffs!!!
Good times at the Ferry Building---with grandma here.
Papa Prinz with Roro.
Cousin Laura with baby-toting Sooz.

1 hot mama!
Our family :)

With the crew (sans Mark)
mom, sleeping ruby, and sooz...lovely!
relaxing at home, Sadie helping herself to some water (such a big girl!)
Love this photo of my 2 sweeties!

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