Thursday, April 15, 2010

Yum yum yum

Oh, I'm such a spastic blogger. I write a flurry of posts, and then you don't hear from me for days, and in this case, weeks! I have a few in the get ready!!

We have some very exciting, I'm not pregnant. That would be a little crazy, and a tad bit too soon for my liking (Sadie has to be the only child for some time so she can develop all her first child characteristics, dontcha think?). [Pardon the tangent] Sadie ate big people food this week...well, I don't think it's truly big people food, because it's made especially for babies to transition to big people food. But, isn't it wonderful? She ate rice cereal for the past 2 noontime meals....AND....she loved it!!! We had a good hunch that she was ready. All the signs were there: she has been very focused on our food for the last couple weeks, her head control has developed, she's over 5 months old, and she definitely knows how to push things away from her mouth that she doesn't like (She pushes the bottle away when she's done with it).

Without further ado...her she is tackling the first spoonfuls. You can see how she gets more into it the longer she's fed.

And for you folks that never watch the videos, here are some pictures:


  1. Go Sadie! Solids are great!! Love, cousin Jules.

  2. Go Sadie! Solids are great!! Love, cousin Jules.

  3. She really does get into it the longer she eats. Isn't food good, Sadie?!